oh justin …



They are fucken perfect
why do runway models model the ugliest clothes..? I just don’t even understand, no one will ever buy that shit

Aah, perfection

Yoo Eunbi


Ol’ Dirty Bastard (1968-2004)
Born: Russell JonesRepped: Brooklyn, NYCause of death: Accidental overdose of a mixture of cocaine and Tramadol.
Albums: Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (1995), Nigga Please (1999), Trials & Tribulations Of Russell Jones (2003, released by label without ODB’s consent), A Son Unique (Unreleased officially)Best known for: “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” (1995), “I Got Your Money” ft. Kelis (1999)
"He was such a unique brother. I still miss him, and it never goes away." - Method Man
"Dirty had given us the energy booster that we need to believe that we are the best. I still think about him… I think as I’m getting a little older, I’m getting a little more sensitive in certain places when it comes to my brother being gone." - Raewon
"Ason Jones" Tribute track by Raekwon